zcash4mac v1.0.4


At this time on Mac use the currently maintained command line release
and stand alone version of the Swing Wallet.
Or use zcash4win until the mac release is updated (no ETA)

Zcash private transactions without the command-line

Since the launch of Zcash on Oct 28, 2016 you had to deal with the command line if you wanted to send private transactions. The few GUI wallets that supported them still required you to use the command line to administer a local full node. For Mac users, that is now a thing of the past! zcash4mac bundles together the latest release of zcash (1.0.4 as of late December, 2016), the Java-based SwingUI Wallet, the required Java Runtime, downloads the zkSNARK proving keys needed for private transactions via Amazon CloudFront, and verifies their integrity on every launch, all without the user needing to touch the command-line.

zcash4mac is a volunteer effort. To support ongoing development of new features, maintenance, and technical support, please consider donating today! Donation addresses for Zcash, Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, and via PayPal, are on the MercerWeiss Consulting Website.